COOKIES  Legal Notes

General information
This website uses cookies. The cookie is a short text string that is saved on your browser and allow to save website page data and browser sessions. This website uses some ‘first party cookies’, produced and used by our website, and also ‘third party cookies’, produced on our website by third parties. Cookies allow us to store every element of your order, your login data and support us to improve our website and to steamline your navigation.
Cookies are able to save only text content, always anonymous and encrypted. This website won’t even save any personal information in a cookie.

What are cookies?
Cookies are short text strings produced by the website you visit, keep data session that can be used in the site afterwards, Data allows to the site to keep your information between pages and to analyze your interaction with the website.
Cookies are safe, can only save the information entered by the browser, concerning browser access or included in the page requested. They can’t turn into codes and can’t be used to access to your pc. If one website encrypts information in a cookie, only the website can read the information.
There are two different types of cookies: Session and Persistent. They are used for different reasons and contain different information.
I Session Cookies contain information used during your current browser session. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser. Nothing is keeped on your pc no longer than the use of website.
Persistent Cookies are used to keep the information used between access on website. This data allows to website to identifying you as a familiar customer or visitor and it adjusts accordingly. Persistent cookies have a lifetime fixed by the website that can change from few minutes to several years.

Why are cookies used?
Cookies are used by the website to keep your session open, to identify the site pages you have visited, keeping track of details of your order and how you reached the site. They are used to display records concerning your navigation.
Analytics Cookies allow us to track customer’s interaction with the site. This give us a precious instrument to improve the site, the products and the services we offer.
We can also work with partners that use third party cookies, that are used by advertisers on other website to personalize advertising based on your storical use of browser. These cookies don’t store personal information that allow other site to identify you. They are simply based on your previous navigation.

Disable cookies
All web browsers allow you to limit cookies activity or disable cookies through browser options. The procedure to follow are different for each browser; you can find the instruction on help menu of your browser.
Through your browser you can also see cookies that are on your pc, deleting some or all of them. Cookies are simply text files, so you can open them and read the content..
If you disable cookies, this site could not be able to activate some necessary functions. Disabling cookies you disable also the monitoring of your advancing in the site, but it will not be blocked the analytic code of your visit.

What do cookies create in this site?
If you register we’ll use cookies to manage process registration and login.
This site uses cookies to store your order, the place of dispatch, the favourit products list, the language you choose and to track your advancing in the site and products catalogue.To remember your preferences we need to set cookies so that this information can be call up whenever you interact with a page.
Some cookies are deleted when you close the session, some remain active to preserve your preferences in the site when you’ll enter the site again.